Special Days

We don’t follow our schedule everyday! Instead, we shake it up throughout the session to keep the campers on their toes!

KrAzY DaY!
KrAzY DaY is one absolutely crazy day! Every camp session will have a theme and KrAzY day will be full of fun and silly surprises that have to do with that theme. It’s KrAzY!







Anne of Green Gables the Musical
Thanks to the generous contribution of the Confederation Centre of the Arts and the Charlottetown Festival, we are delighted to bring sessions 2, 3, 4, and 5 to see a showing of Anne of Green Gables The Musical. This is quite a highlight for many of our campers.






King’s Castle Provincial Park
Every group of campers gets to enjoy a day trip to King’s Castle where we swim, play, walk their trails, use their equipment, and enjoy a change of scenery!