Camper Information

Congratulations to you wonderful campers who have been chosen to attend Oak Acres! Whether it is your first summer attending or your fifth, we promise to make it a summer to remember! As we will not be holding Parent Meetings this year, here is some information your family will need before you arrive.


2015 Camp Dates
#1 July 1st – July 6th: 7 & 8 years
#2 July 9th – July 15th: 9 & 10 years
#3 July 19th – July 27th: 11 & 12 years
#4 Aug. 11th – Aug. 17th: 9 & 10 years
#5 Aug. 20th – Aug 25th: 7 & 8 years

We will see approximately 480 deserving Island children this summer!

To find out what what session your camper is to attend, please contact your school guidance counsellor or the camp director.

If for some reason at the last moment you are unable to attend camp, PLEASE PHONE IMMEDIATELY and let us know. We can easily fill your spot from our waiting list.

If for some reason there is a delay or emergency, contact the Camp Director.