About Us

Oak Acres Camp has a long history. We are in our 23rd year of operation. The 180 acre camp is leased from the Catholic Family Services Bureau at a nominal cost. The Catholic Family Services Bureau started the Camp back in the early 1970’s and when they were unable to keep the camp going, Oak Acres Children’s Camp was born!

At Oak Acres Children’s Camp, we strive:

  • To develop self-confidence, self-respect, and an appreciation of campers’ worth as individuals.
  • To create an environment for living together in which there are opportunities for understanding people with various backgrounds and experiences.
  • To achieve and maintain physical fitness and mental well-being.
  • To develop a climate that encourages campers and staff to be creative, imaginative, and adventuresome.
  • To develop appreciation and knowledge of the environment and natural resources, their importance to people, and our responsibility for their conservation.
  • To develop children’s capacities for initiative, leadership and the ability to use these skills responsibly and effectively within their camp groups, family, and community life.
  • Above all, to make the camping experience one of JOY and FUN for each and every camper.

Campers are supervised 24 hours a day by trained camp counsellors with First Aid and CPR certification. For          more information about the camp, please call (902) 368-3727 or email us